Blog Housekeeping

Thanks to the somewhat new and nifty new Blogger designs, I finally have an updated template that I find a bit easier on the eyes than the old one. Sure, I still have all types of crap jammed in here such as Twitter feeds, Zune pass, etc. What? You don’t want to know where I eat? You don’t want to know where I am at all times? You don’t want to know how much 70’s music I listen to?

I don’t blame you a bit. I don’t even want to know all of those things. I’ve been tempted to end my Twitter account several times in the past few months. I do update Twitter a lot less than I used to (unless I am all Starbucked to the point of being giddy). I hang on to it because I read interesting Twitter feeds from other people and you just never know when you might be present for something interesting that you can shoot out there into cyberspace with little to no effort. TwitPic is one somewhat useful thing to hold on to but I typically forget I am carrying a camera around with me at all times until the picture opportunity has passed me by.

There is an article on today about making your blog MORE popular. (I would link to this article here but CNN has a habit of linking back to you and that brings in all kinds of traffic from people who love to make anonymous and unintelligent comments.) The authors of the article compare the need to get your blog popular to the need to be popular in high school. They suggest focusing on one “theme” or getting out there and joining online communities where you can register your blog and get it in front of more and more eyes.

It seems like too much trouble to me. I feel guilty enough for feeding my blog into my Facebook profile since I feel like I am spamming people against their will. But, if it wasn’t for the blog, I would hardly ever update Facebook at all. I just can’t think of enough witty comments for my status and I’m not big on sharing every personal tragedy I go through as a status/cry for support.

But, let’s say I did update Facebook every time something “tragic” happened. It would look a lot like this:

  • “The lawnmower is out of gas again. Why me?”
  • “It appears that the Shrek glasses I bought were covered in poison. Oh, well.”
  • “Tom Nook’s store is closed in Animal Crossing today. Life is NOT fair!!!”

I guess this blog is just not going to be popular since I am selfishly writing it for me and not for you (whoever you might be). We all have to have a hobby, right? You might collect thimbles. You might run marathons. I write about stuff. And, I’m not going to narrow it down to get visitors so I can sell ads. And I’m not going to photoshop characters out of comic strips so I can get a book published.

garfield minus garfield

I might not do it but I am glad that this guy is. Now that is a good blog (and popular too!).