From his blog

Entertainment Weekly is one of the magazines I got from my air miles (and one of the few I actually renewed) and there is a book review in there this week for “One Day” by David Nicholls.

It’s not really the review that caught my eye but the blow up of the cover:

one day

More specifically, this part:

one day 2

In the olden days, I guess these sorts of blurbs were arranged by the publishing companies and written up and mailed in/faxed in/emailed in, etc. Now, the blurb writer can simply spend a couple of minutes typing up an entry into the blog and shazam – from the blog to the cover of a book!

The actual entry is here.

So, what does this tell me? Three things:

  1. First, blogs are becoming so much a part of the mainstream that a publisher can put “from his blog” on the cover of a book without people wondering what in the world that means.
  2. Second, blogs are actually getting a little recognition as valid content and not just amateur meanderings (though it does help that this blog is actually written by a world renown novelist ((I hope there is not a ghostwriter or a social media company involved here. I sincerely think we can trust that Nick Hornby would not be involved in such tomfoolery.)))
  3. Third, this is an inspiration for me to post a few blurbs that I hope you will see on products in the near future.

So, have at it, corporate entities:

  • “I can eat Captain D’s fried pickles all day long regardless of the gastric disaster that occurs from eating them all day long. They are that good.” – Jason, from his blog.
  • “AT&T’s cell service makes Sprint’s coverage seem incredible. That is saying something. It’s not a compliment.” – Jason, from his blog.
  • “Fishing on Animal Crossing by Nintendo has become my daily stress reliever. This is much healthier that playing Grand Theft Auto as a daily stress reliever. My therapist approves.” – Jason, from his blog.
  • “The new ocean smell in BP gasoline makes me want to eat at Red Lobster every time I fill up.” – Jason, from his blog.