The Joys of ChUNO (Chinese UNO)

There has been an unopened deck of “UNO” cards floating around the house for the last few days. I am not sure how they got here but I took a good look at them this morning and knew immediately that this was a counterfeit set of UNO cards!


Yes – a fake ripoff copy of UNO! At least we know the country of origin (like there was ever a doubt!)


Notice how funny the ChUNO looks beside a real deck of UNO cards? They appear to be a copy of the real old boxes of UNO.


I know quite a bit about these cards since I’ve been playing for about 30 years now. I’m no UNO expert, but I do dabble a bit.


I also have one older deck still left so we can compare real vs. fake. Hmm, something is missing from the fake cards. Maybe the registered trademark symbol? I wonder what that means?


I was disappointed at the lack of Chinglish instructions that I was so looking forward to sharing on the blog. The weird symbols and squatty font on the ChUNO cards made up for that a bit.

7_all cards

Notice how the Chinese ChUNO cards are printed with much cheaper and duller ink. Oddly, the card stock is quite comparable.


My favorite cards are the Draw Four and Wild cards. I’m guessing the printing press has a limited color system. These cards were on top and I was a tad let down when I realized we did have green, yellow, blue, and red cards. I was hoping for the color scheme on the Chuno Wild cards – pee yellow, off green baby poop, poop, and light poop.


These cards are going into storage. I washed my hands after I handled them also. Who knows what sort of chemicals are on them or what kind of fumes they are emitting? Oh, well – thank you, China, for another good chuckle.