The Purge

Right before Christmas, I went through the closets and the attic and took a lot of stuff to the thrift store. At that time I decided that anything unused for 6 months from that time would be the next to go. The good news is that the thrift store has a bit more inventory today. And, a lot of it was pretty good stuff. Some of the loot included: clothes, a rarely used DVD player, a never opened HD converter box and antenna, a never opened photo printer, 2 old Palm handhelds, enough spare video and audio cables to open a Radio Shack, CD’s, software, etc., etc. And there ended up being 4 extremely heavy bags of trash.

Why did I hold on to all kinds of old paperwork and all kinds of cables (Why did I still have a Playstation TV Cable when the Playstation has been gone for years?), batteries, newspaper clippings and even old college papers? Who knows. It’s all gone now and I feel relieved knowing that my kids won’t have to go through a gigantic mess that I have left behind one day. That’s if I can resist the urge to hold on to additional odds and ends going forward.

Of course, there are still a few things hanging out around here that will probably eventually need to go. There are a few totes of old clothes in the attic but it’s just too hot to hang out in the attic now. And there are also some old videotapes and cassette tapes in the closet that have zero retail value but maybe a tad of sentimental value left. (Sometimes it’s nice to get out and drive with a random batch of cassette singles!)

All in all, it’s been a good week for clearing out the “stuff”. It’s amazing how the “stuff” can get in control. You’re always moving it back and forth because you might use it “one day”.

I was certainly nowhere near being on “Hoarders”. In fact, I’ve been weeding out extra stuff a bit at a time for several years.

It just feels good knowing that I no longer have a Fibber McGee sized mess hiding in the nooks and crannies of the house!