Good movie: Despicable Me (and random Friday thoughts)

I made it to the last matinee of Despicable Me tonight with the fam and it was enough to make a grouchy and busy day at work vanish into thin air. It was just that good.


No wonder Steve Carell is leaving The Office. He’s got it made at the movies if he keeps up the good projects like this. The kids loved it and there is plenty of funny stuff for the old people like myself.


One of the funniest parts of the movie are the Twinkie like Minions. I see spin off TV animated series in their futures. Hostess should have gone all in on this. They need little packaging on the Twinkies that looks like overalls. Listen to me Hostess – I could have made you millions!


Now, for random Friday thoughts.

  • Mel Gibson – You are a total, class-A nut. Please go away. Lethal Weapon was a movie. It wasn’t supposed to be auto-biographical.
  • I actually deleted a blog entry for the first time this week. You’re not going senile. I deleted my entry singing the praises of Hot in Cleveland after quite the sub-standard showing this week. I’m no prude but they went completely in the gutter at times and it was all just cheap jokes. Blue humor can be funny if it is written well. It shouldn’t be used out of laziness. They’re going to have to clean it up and stop being so lazy. The talent on there deserves better. It will be interesting to see if CTV runs that one in prime time next week. I’d be amazed if they can without cutting it to pieces.
  • Two birthday parties tomorrow – this is the life of a parental unit. If the kids were socially awkward like I was growing up, I would be saving a lot of money. I guess they weren’t lying when they said that popularity came with a price.
  • Stupidity also comes with a price, but enough about Lindsay Lohan. I still feel like she had no one in her life that was protecting her and that’s why she has turned into a mess as an adult. Still, writing tiny obscenities on your fingernails is so 1992. Geez. She should end up in the slammer based on that alone.
  • Finally, our Friday music flashback - “Don’t Change” by INXS. It still seems weird to me that this came out in 1982. It was played at the end of Adventureland, which I finally saw this week. The movie was OK – it had some funny parts. It was set in 1987. I guess it might seem retro to someone who wasn’t around in 1987 but to me it was just slightly off. For Kristin Stewart to not have all curled up Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally hair was so unrealistic. Or, maybe that’s what made her the rebel? I don’t know. I’m still wearing the same sort of crap I wore back then and my hair is basically the same except that there is less of it.

This song reminds you of how good Michael Hutchence was. What a weird shame.