This is a weekend I am glad to put behind me. It has been a weekend of sheer emotional exhaustion. There has just been too much quiet time – time to ponder and replay what happened Friday night with Angel over and over again. I’m surprised at just how much the whole ordeal took out of me but I think being worried about my parents makes it much worse. Seeing how much of a hole it leaves for them has surprised me. I know they are getting older but this weekend has really opened my eyes to a lot of the changes that I guess have been quite subtle. They described the house to me today as being way too quiet. I think it will take a lot for them to adjust to Angel being gone because Angel really kept them active. I know I will be doing a lot of driving back and forth to check on them in the coming weeks.


For us, having the kids back now keeps us so busy that it is hard to stay in a funk and we did have one good surprise for the kids when they got home – we traded in my 2003 Pontiac and drove home in a much more roomy 2008 Escape. We preserved the one car payment budget and we got a pretty nice vehicle out of the deal. I only hope that the gas won’t eat us alive. It’s not quite as economical as I would like but I do like the idea of them being in something that is a bit bigger than the paid off Saturn that I inherited out of the deal. I now plan to drive the Saturn until the wheels fall off.

Finally, it’s also incredibly hot here. The near 100 degree temps are wearing us out. And, I saw Halloween items for sale at the Cracker Barrel tonight three months early. I guess it is nice to think about the cooler weather that will hopefully be here in three months!

So, that’s it from here. We keep on moving forward. We’ll see where tomorrow finds us.