From a random town somewhere in middle America…

I am out on the road for work. Tonight is my 3rd and final night in the hotel. Tomorrow I head home and I come back up here Tuesday of next week. I’m not sharing the location or thoughts on what I am doing because I really don’t want what I write here to be defined by work. This is my work escape and to go into details that are work related would truly defeat the purpose.


I do have one generic “on the road” observation. I am quite happy with my room and rate at the Comfort Inn and Suites but was surprised to log into the “free wireless high speed internet access” to find that the “free” is a slower speed and you must pay extra for something that doesn’t rival AOL dial up at times. Definitely not a cool thing and it seems like they are lying to us. Maybe they need an asterisk next to “free wireless high speed internet access” on the website. My Symantec Firewall has also blocked multiple exploits while I am online here. Also, not cool!

In home news, my AT&T U-Verse is down again! I am so glad I made the call to have Charter installed Friday. The deal with AT&T is ridiculous and they treat you like an idiot on their support line. Here is a sample conversation I had with them:

    • AT&T: “Did you reset the U-verse Gateway?”
    • Me: “Yes”
    • AT&T: “Are you sure?”
    • Me: “No, I’m a freaking idiot and I just thought I would call you and lie about something this stupid.”
    • AT&T: “I’m sorry. We just want to make sure you have reset the right piece of equipment.”
    • Me: “Well, I actually didn’t reset it. I just like sitting on hold for 30 minutes everyday so you can ask me the same dumb question and then tell me the entire area is down again and it might be fixed in 24 hours.”
    • (Complete Silence)

Finally, did you see that Harold Gould died Saturday? Do you not know the name? You’ll know the face if you are around my age because he was in just about every television show there was in the 70’s and 80’s. He was always popping up as a guest star.


That’s all for tonight from Somewhere, U.S.A.