Here’s a quite short update on what has happened since Tuesday. I made it back home Friday and stalled out twice during the 350 mile drive back. I think it was bad gas or the Contour just decided to mess with me. I came back to find the youngest starting to get sick. She went full blown sick yesterday and tested positive for strep this morning. I lost count of how many times she ended up with strep last year. She’s maybe a tiny bit better tonight but won’t be going to school tomorrow. I’m glad I am not out of town again this week.

We did end up seeing You Again yesterday before the full blown sick stuff fired up and it was pretty funny. I also got to catch up on some of the shows I missed last week. Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, and Community were all excellent. I still need to watch The Middle. 

I didn’t get any good naps this weekend so I am about to head back to bed a bit early (8:45pm). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will be no middle of the night sickness.

That’s it.