One More Night in Michigan

It was a windy one today but we missed out on the bad stuff. We’re just a bit too far south. I’m hearing it was quite a whopper of a system just a bit north and west of us where the barometric pressure was so low that it matched what is typical in a Category 3 hurricane!

Today was a long day at work as I tried to pack in as many questions as possible on this new work that I am taking on “temporarily” for Canada. I say “temporarily” in quotes because we all know how often temporary becomes permanent.

I had a good supper at the Cracker Barrel tonight. I always have to go there and support our home town restaurant.


You can’t get this custom rocking chair back in Tennessee.


I fly home from Detroit tomorrow afternoon. I’ll leave here around 1PM and start driving back to the airport. We’ve had unusually warm weather this week but tomorrow the high will only be in the mid-40’s. That’s more of what I expect here this time of the year.

This was a good trip. This is one of my more favorite places to visit. Still, I’m glad that I have Friday off and the three day weekend to recuperate.