Photo Round-up

I cleaned out my recent Blackberry pictures.

Here’s a cloud that I thought looked like a jumping poodle.


Here’s corporate America using a holiday to promote obesity and diabetes (or diabeetus, if you are Wilford Brimley).


This is the evil Sadie right after she was groomed. I had to go pick her up in a driving downpour and I believe she laughed at me.


This is a triple order of hashbrowns at Waffle House. I took a picture because I will never be foolish enough to order this again.


I took this in traffic. I would never, ever, put these decals on the back of my car unless my kids had been very bad and I wanted them to be terminally embarrassed.


I took this picture this morning when Lindsay and I went to Watertown, TN to eat breakfast. This was in an antique store and if the price had been $20, Maurice would be sitting on the shelf in my living room right now.


We’re about to go eat. If something really exciting happens, I’ll take a picture.