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Old Halloween Pictures

I don’t have pictures from John Kerry’s first appearance . These things happen.

Halloween 2011!

Today is the day I discovered Orange Tootsie Rolls. I wish I had not since I am now addicted. I’m afraid to even consider what a Tootsie Roll is made out of. It’s like McRibs – I’d rather not know since it would probably ruin it for me.We were pumping out the Halloween jams (with a few snippets of classic John Kerry and George W. Bush quotes mixed in for good measure) for all of the neighborhood to hear thanks to my still awesome Windows ME Thinkpad. Vintage laptops forever!We dressed up in our finest weird-wear and posed with our good buddy John Kerry, who is making his 8th annual appearance this year! He only comes out at Halloween and it’s a tradition that cannot be missed.People actually took pictures of John Kerry peeking out the window at them this year. I thought people did this at every house. I know – I need to repaint the shutters. I’m a slacker.Another spooooooky Halloween is in the books. Next stop – Turkey Day!


Our oldest, Sara, turned the big 1-0 today. So, we had one of our crazy and chaos filled parties last night. If you didn’t see the pictures on TMZ, here are a few:In this one, Sara is holding up her favorite thing.Check out the ‘cupcakes of peace’. Maybe we need to send one of these to Iran.We made her open our gifts this morning because we are cruel like that. We’re also cruel enough to take pictures of people when they have just gotten out of bed.A good time was had by all and it’s all done which is the best part of all to me.On to Monday!

Just a couple of more days left on the blog sabbatical

I’ve been too busy to update. Soon, I will fill the blog with pictures of birthdays, Halloween costumes, and the McRib’s I have eaten lately.

Creeping Along

Another week is slowly slipping by and that means another 30 degree temperature drop is coming. I would complain about all of the back and forth with the weather but at least this means we get some warm weather before it just turns completely cold. I took advantage of our second to last 80 degree day to pull out the grill tonight and fix pork chops. It actually felt a bit like summer out there tonight. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks off.I’m completely unprepared for the holidays. I haven’t bought a thing. I am a slacker. I need to stop thinking about how soon the holidays will be here.I am feeling much better today after a somewhat sleepless night. To reward myself, I bought the absolute best lunch I could think of.I think I shall have another tomorrow so I can maintain the roundness of my figure.

Sick Day

I didn’t really take a full sick day but I sure felt like taking one. I’m not sure where this stomach bug came from but I will be glad when it is over. The only odd thing that happened this weekend was that I got stung by a bee. Other than that, I ate the typical junk I always eat and no one else in the house is sick. I didn’t attempt to eat any healthy food which I am certain that my system would reject.So, I am now on a diet of Pepto, toast, and other assorted light foods.Don’t worry – I did spray my laptop keyboard with Lysol so you most likely will not become infected by reading this.

Facebook is more trouble that it’s worth

Do you know what really bugs me? Facebook really bugs me. I would delete the whole thing if that wasn’t the equivalent of dropping off the face of the Earth. I actually did that for a lot of years after school – just dropped off of the face of the Earth and it really wasn’t that bad. Out of my nearly 300 Facebook “friends” ("Friend” does not mean what it did before Facebook – now it just means “Person I may have just bumped into once at Chili’s who looked me up on Facebook”) there are about 20 who I really would bother hanging on to.My big frustration is how difficult it is to filter out who sees what, such as who has my phone number that might sync over to their phone because Facebook has a way of melding into every electronic device you have. This person I saw once at Chili’s might possibly go down their entire contact list and finally ring me in the middle of the night because they have a flat tire on the expressway. This bothers me. I barely sleep as it is. I’d probably alrea…

Ugh-ly Day

I could not “get in the groove” today. I barely slept last night and have no idea why. I vaguely remember watching tv and goofing around on the internet at 3AM. I also ate something but can’t remember what. So, now I am tired and wanting to go to bed but I know that I will go back there tonight and not be able to sleep. It’s funny how that happens.Oh – the ugh-ly day? That was caused by our early sneak peek preview of winter that arrived last night. It looks like this now:And, it’s cold and rainy. It’s an early start for the cloudy season and I hope it doesn’t stick around for long. I remember whole weeks last winter where there was not a peek of sunshine. Hopefully, our relief will come on Friday.Finally, I bought a new end table from my preferred source of ultra-cheap furniture, Freds.I needed something small and functional to sit between two chairs and this worked perfectly. The best part was that it was just $15. Of course, it looks like a $15 table. I won’t be in Architectural Di…

Merry Christmas!

This crazy station flipped to all Christmas music today. You just try to resist clicking here to listen. I’ve been listening for almost an hour. Something is wrong with me.

Happy Manday!

It’s Manday again so I’m bringing the fabulous Divine out of the archives to start out my entry today. There’s a story behind Manday but it’s one of those “you had to be there” stories that won’t make much sense if you weren’t.Today was the first day back from vacation and it was crazy hectic. Also, I have no additional vacation scheduled for the rest of the year so that means all I have to get me through the rest of 2011 is binges at Baskin-Robbins and cups of coffee – lots of cups of coffee.Hey! Let’s all get pneumonia!I’m sitting here listening to a podcast through my earbuds because I am attempting to drown out Two Broke Girls. Every time I see the commercial proclaiming that this show is the #1 new comedy, I cringe. It is horrible but it appears that the majority of people who still watch tv do love horrible shows. Of course, maybe people are leaving the room between How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. This show is just left on while they are folding clothes or taking d…

Gadget Talk: I rant on and on about Nooks, Zunes and iPods, Oh My!

I’ve been in the middle of a gadget conundrum for the past few months. I’ve been looking for one device that can take over the casual surfing of my Acer netbook that has developed an annoying short in the screen. I wanted something easily portable and quite simple – any heavy duty stuff such as writing on the blog would still occur on my trusty 5 year old Gateway laptop.Gadget #1: My Nook Touch is just about the best gadget I’ve ever had and I do all of my reading on an e-ink Nook since the color display kills my eyes after a while. It can surf the net some but the browser is really locked down. It’s meant to be a document reader and does that very well but it is not right for casual internet use.Gadget #2: The first thing I tried was our sadly underutilized Nook Color. I can browse all over the internet and the browser is quite good. The stock software on the Nook Color did not allow sideloading of apps (if you can’t get it in the B&N Nook App Store, you can’t get it) and I had s…

Decorations = Back Pain

All of these totes…

…turned into all of this.

Some of these decorations now have seven or eight years of wear on them and it’s starting to show. I guess this is the year I’ll be hitting the after-holiday clearance aisles so I can get some newer yard swag.

Even my glowing eyeballs are starting to crack.

They probably feel like my back does. In addition to dealing with the decorations, I also mowed the yard and put all of the totes back up in the attic. I’m starting to wonder if this is really a vacation.

Braces Tuesday

The day we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived. The orthodontists get to take another vacation or remodel the kitchen thanks to Sara getting her braces today. Sara’s a bit younger than I was when I got mine and that’s a good thing – she’ll only have to have them for about 18 months. And she is out of school for fall break this week so she can mope around here complaining about the soreness instead of having to do it in the classroom.It was also a rainy day today and it rained just enough for me to postpone mowing the yard again. I’ll probably have to mow it tomorrow since I will have to put out all of the Halloween yard decorations and unpack the Fall stuff that I pulled out of the attic today. As much as the kids enjoy looking at decorations for two and a half months each year, it sure is a lot of work and it gets a little harder pulling down the heavy totes each year as I get older.I started reading the first Richard Castle book on my Nook Touch today (so far, so good) and I eve…

Commercial Truth

Every time I see this commercial, I can’t help but think of how the trajectory of life works out. She has all of this hope and promise and yet ends up being a pharmacist in a big box superstore. Yes, she might be the best educated person working in the superstore, but she’s still working in a superstore. She might drive a Mercedes but she still has to park it out front at Target and she still has to park out beyond the outer yellow line during the holidays because all the spaces up front are reserved for the customers.This commercial is a true story. She really is a Target pharmacist.  Instead of being out there changing the world, she’s explaining the side effects of Cialis to a 70 year old man wearing a gold chain and smelling like Old Spice. Of course, the smell of the Old Spice is a nice change because it covers up the constant wafting odors of hot dogs from the snack bar. Of course, Virginia might be a real-life Chuck. She might be a spy and this whole Target gig could be her cove…


Today is Thanksgiving in Canada and I am off this week here in the US just by sheer coincidence. I took a week of vacation for fall break and because Sara is getting her braces this week.Roast for Thanksgiving? I think I’ll pass.I normally don’t take today off because I enjoy the days that our Canadian office is closed because that means a good catch up/get organized/purge things day for me. Canadian Thanksgiving marks the first big holiday at work and our descent into the run of holidays during which I have yard decorations up for over two months. I’ll be heading up into the attic this week to get our Halloween decorations and it will be way too hot to be up in the attic as usual. It’s weird how summer here seems to last into October. It’s hard to get in the holiday spirit when it is 90 degrees.I would write about what we did all weekend but it is a blur of running from one place to another. I know there was a trip to Walmart in there somewhere because I had enough food here to fix b…

Mac Memories

Here’s a picture of our yorkie, Angel, with my old Mac Classic II. Both are gone now. I no longer have the file of this picture. I printed it out way back when and kept it.Note the blazing fast 14.4 modem on top of the Mac. At the time, this thing was blazing fast and could do things that we’re just about unbelievable.So, Steve Jobs was a rear end a lot of the time. I’ve read all of the nasty things people keep bringing up and guess what – no one is perfect. I’m sure plenty of the jealous and not creative people who crossed paths with Jobs over the years made a point of recording every imperfection they could just so they could boost their own bruised egos.If you’re going to do big things, you’re going to have to be not so nice. There are a lot of naysayers out there. And, yes, Jobs was a pretty bad father also. His priorities were a mess. But, I never bought an Apple product because I was trying to validate the personal life of the man behind the product. I bought Apple stuff because…

Thanks, Methheads and Big Pharma

Thanks for discontinuing the only allergy meds I have ever taken that has worked. I have been informed by my pharmacy that the last major distributor of Brompheniramine has ended production and I will no longer be able to get my pills.Breathing is overrated. So, who is to blame for this? It depends on who you ask. In one corner, we have the meth makers (like you see on Breaking Bad). They are the reason that the government has cracked down on every decent antihistamine with decongestant and caused them to be jammed behind the counter where no one with an actual medical need can get to them without standing in a line and then overpaying.Remember these pills? They worked also but they are no longer distributed in the US. We have to drive to Canada for these now. Thanks, meth makers of America!In the other corner we have big pharma. The pharmaceutical companies want us to buy their patented items like Allegra and Claritin (which don’t work as well) so they have taken the cheaper (and bet…

Content, content every where, and no time to think

I’ve spent the better part of the last couple of weeks “realigning” my virtual life because I’ve been drowning in “content” – bookmarks, tweets, Facebook birthdays, unread blog entries, etc. - and I finally hit oversaturation. My virtual cup has runneth over.I’ve had so much information coming in that I couldn’t possibly process all of it. There is so much to read and most of it is just filler and filler has a way of pushing out all of the good stuff and taking over. I stepped away from all of it in order to regroup. I realized that I needed to do two things. First, I had to decide what was important to me. Second, I had to purge the things which were not.In the important category, of all of the things I “create”, this blog is the most important. It is my outlet and I have not been doing much of a service in the writing department lately. This is partially because I have been letting myself drown in distractions and partially because I had crazy self-imposed rules such as only writing…