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I may take a small break in May

May is crazy busy around here, especially the next two weeks due to multiple school activities my kids have as the school year winds down so I am thinking this would be a good time to step back and not try to update online things as often.

These online things include but are not limited to this here blog and several of the social media accounts I unfortunately have love so much. I am really trying to not pick up the phone and open Twitter and lose twenty minutes one, two or three times a day especially during the hours of 6AM to 6PM.

There are also flowers to tend to and books to read and a new set of chairs on the deck that I need to sit in a lot since the weather has finally transitioned from fourth winter to our famous two weeks of spring before summer hits full blast.

I expect that the podcast will roll on as normal. It doesn't take much time to record an episode as long as I don't get an idea and try to put something together with 20 clips. In order to keep it simple, I'…

Attic cleaning adventures

This week I started tackling the attic and cleaning up things I have been ignoring. This is stuff that is out of the way and not necessarily urgent but it's stuff I know I don't need and it can't just simply go into the trash bin for pickup. It involves packing the car and heading to the dump. That's actual work and it goes against my laziness!

I'm not proud to say that some of this stuff had been the attic for at least 10 years including the box that a pressure washer came in years ago (the actual pressure washer lives in the garage and I have used it only twice that I can remember) and a stack of Styrofoam coolers we used for a party right after we moved in the house that I felt guilty about throwing away. There was also furniture held together by Gorilla Glue that I saved in the name of maybe I will use this again. Also there was this big plastic piece from the back of my Buick that was cracked so I replaced it with a perfect one from the junkyard. It was too big…

We WANT to be distracted

I went to two musicals put on by local high schools over the weekend. Both were great - it's a whole new level of performance compared to when I was in school - and both featured students pleading with the crowd to either turn off phones or at the very least put them in airplane mode so they would not mess with the wireless microphones being used.

Since I have been trying to minimize distractions in my life and use the "smart" part of my phone less and less, I don't have a problem with not using my phone during performances but a lot of people around me at both performances seemed to need to scratch the itch of fomo repeatedly. Maybe we just get bored without multiple apps fighting for our attention. Maybe it makes us feel important and feeling important is a drug we can no longer do without.

I observed lots of people "sneaking" peaks at their phones and you are not really sneaking when you glance at your bright screen in a dark theater and multiply that by h…

The position of My Social Conscious™ has been filled

Sorry. Applications are no longer being taken.

But there are plenty of people who so desperately are yearning to be My Social Conscious™ out there on the internet. They are all over Facebook and all over Twitter and I even see them sneaking into Instagram comments. I'm sure they are everywhere on every social media platform and comments section and message board.

It happens to be a holiday and at least one person, maybe more, will post have a great holiday and here's why you should feel guilty celebrating it.

Someone famous dies and at least one person, probably more, will post about the terrible things they did or the terrible things someone related to them did or the terrible things their great-great-great grandfather did or the terrible things someone they once passed in a Walmart and said hello to did.

The internet is not even an effective outlet for anger. Instead of getting it all out, it seems to expand and expand, a fire feeding off the anger of others. I try to remember h…

Sometimes the Recycle Bin is where it belongs

I was just looking in the folder for the next Up In This Brain podcast. It was full of little odds and ends audio clips that I had recorded over the last week or so and songs I wanted to share. Going into each file and pulling out what I wanted to share was looking like a lot of work. It was discouraging just looking at the contents of the folder. Did I really want to open Audacity and start importing files and start editing?

That's when I had a better idea. I moved the whole folder to the recycle bin.

Then, I emptied it before I changed my mind.

Ah, that's better! The stress is completely gone.

Sometimes, I get to a point where starting over is better than tackling the work of piecing something together hoping that I can create something that feels right out of a bunch of parts. Now the canvas is blank again and I can create something completely new and that is exciting.

And, nothing is lost because not one thing I had put in the folder felt like it had that "spark" to i…

The music is the memory

Like most people, a lot of my memories are connected to music. A certain song comes on and boom! It's 1979 again or 1988 or 1994. As part of that connection, a special event should pop into mind for certain songs, right?

Example: a few afternoons ago, I am reading and listening to Pandora when this song comes on:

I am transported from the beginning of April to the end of October in an instant when I hear it but not specifically to any particular October. October of 1980, although I have pictures, does not jump out at me. Neither do the Octobers that followed.

So, I am realizing more and more that the music itself is the memory and most everything else is fuzzy. Now don't start thinking I am about to reveal something is terribly wrong with me. It's always been this way. I DO have memories of events, people, places, and all of that and there are a certain few songs I tie to people and important events but the far majority of the songs I hear make for a more general reminiscence…

I am not looking for advice

I understand that people like to be helpful. I think it is within our nature. I know that there have been times in my marriage and friendships when I have started giving unsolicited advise when the most helpful thing I could have done is just sit and listen.
I'm not sure why I think I would be called upon to give advice in the first place. I understand that I do not possess all of the answers for you or for me. In fact, I may possess painfully few answers. I have found that most of life is reactionary no matter how much we try to prepare for the what ifs, large and small.

I write this today because unsolicited advice has brought my creative output here at the blog and over at the podcast to a halt. I stopped writing here and my podcast has focused on what I would call "detached" topics for the better part of the last month.

What an odd thing to do, I know, to come here and publicly state that I don't need advice when I am publicly sharing snippets of my personal life, s…